Running in Middle and Late Years

More and more people are taking up running in their middle years and continuing to run beyond the age when, 40 or 50 years ago, it was considered normal and sensible to 'hang up your shoes'.

This can only be beneficial to one's health for a number of reasons. Running is the perfect cure for Habitual Inactivity. Think how many people get up in the morning, walk 10 metres or so to their car, drive to work, walk 20 to 50 metres to their desk (sometimes via a lift!), sit at a computer all day and repeat the process on the way home. Habitual Inactivity is linked to heart problems, hypertension, arthritis, senility, backache, insomnia, allergies and a host of other complaints.

It is essential as an adjunct to a busy life to exercise, and running offers this in an easy format. Go out for a run on waking and benefit from the solitude, clear air and the knowledge that, whatever arises during the day, you have done your bit. Run at lunchtime if you have access to showering and benefit from the resultant mental freshness (even guilt?) in the afternoon, or stop off on the way home for a run or immediately on getting back and benefit from the realisation of a complete day. Time management is crucial to the blending of work and exercise.

Ageing without exercise brings with it potential loss in aerobic capacity, muscle bulk, bone density and mental acuity, weight gain and a host of other negative issues. Keep running and you feel younger because you are carrying out an activity normally thought of as for the young.

As years go by you may feel that you are losing certain abilities and it is important to address these gradually.

Losing speed......try interval training.

Losing strength....try gym work or hill reps.

Losing lung capacity...same solution as for losing speed.

Getting stiff....stretch more after you have exercised.

Losing motivation....try new routes or racing distances.

Whatever, if you are 45, 55, 65, 75 and frustrated by getting slower, compare yourself with our non-exercising colleagues of a similar age. That will cheer you up!!

You will pass through this world but once. DO NOT WASTE ONE MOMENT.