Downhill Running

One aspect of your running which can quite readily be quickly and vastly improved is downhill running.

Varied Pace Training

If you wish to improve your running performance, it is vital to carry out some fast work in training. There is often some confusion about the meaning of the terminology used by distance runners and coaches when describing types of training involving fast work.

Planning Your Training

In order to maximise the benefit you get from training it is vital to plan ahead.

The Frank Horwill Marathon Plan

The English coach Frank Horwill has been coaching endurance athletes for some 45 years. His best known protegee was Tim Hutchings who finished second in the World Cross Country Championships.

Aerobic or Anaerobic Running?

We are able to move because of the action of skeletal muscle in our bodies.

10 Golden rules for the New Year

1. Plan your training using the '6 week planner' in order to ensure frequency and balance of workouts. (See Mel's Monthly training tips on the Running The Highlands website)

Speed Reserve Test

The speed reserve test is a useful tool. It indicates how well you can maintain a pace that is significantly faster than your 10k race pace.

Your Training Recovery Ratio

To optimise your running, you need to find the ideal balance between running and recovery. 

Hill Training The Lydiard Way

In the late 1950’s and in the 1960’s the legendary New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard espoused his training principles, as a result of his experiments on himself as a highly competent distance runner.

Training Sessions For the Time Limited Runner

Runners with a busy working and home life schedule often find it challenging to fit in sufficient sessions in a week to meet their fitness or competitive aims.