10 Golden rules for the New Year

1. Plan your training using the '6 week planner' in order to ensure frequency and balance of workouts. (See Mel's Monthly training tips on the Running The Highlands website)

2. Compete regularly in races to monitor your progress month to month and year to year.

3. Check the Running The Highlands website regularly to ascertain upcoming training weekends etc.

4. Read widely on running-related topics. There are numerous good magazines and books.

5. Warm up assiduously to minimize the risk of injury.

6. Adopt sound nutritional habits both generally and specifically to your running.

7. Try to run on soft surfaces wherever possible.

8. Always adopt a positive attitude to your runnning. NEVER GIVE UP.

9. Target one aspect of your running where you feel you can improve and work on it. (Downhill running, uphill running, speedwork etc.)

10. Always endeavour to enjoy your running.